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‘Home Made’ Grosgrain Ribbon

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Printed with the words ‘HOME MADE’ this lovely ribbon is a pretty addition to packaging, jars or products for those crafters or bakers who like to give or sell their products to others. roses.


It is 15mm wide and comes in a handy 1.5m length which is loosely wound around a plain card gift tag which means when you’ve used it up there is absolutely no waste as the tag can then be reused! How handy is that!


And if you need more than 1.5m ie If you require 3m then simply order the amount required ( 2 x 1.5 m) and when you get to the checkout simply tell us you’d like it in one length and we’ll sort that for you and pop you an extra tag in so you don’t miss out! (Please note this particular ribbon can only be purchased in max lengths up to 3m.)