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‘Tea on me’ Personalised Gift



It’s more important than ever to remind friends and loved ones that you haven’t forgotten them and our new ‘Tea on me’ personalised gifts are the perfect way to uplift anyone’s spirits.


Each pack is decorated with a little silver teapot keepsake and includes an individually wrapped teabag (Earl Grey or English Breakfast or other …see FAQ section) and a thoughtful rhyme.


We personalise these at the top of the note (To) and the bottom of the note (From) so please ensure that you state clearly (at the notes section at the checkout) what personalisation you require ie To a Special Friend, Lovely Mum or just somones name if you prefer ie To Sarah (or even… To my lovely friend Sarah).   And please remember too to tell us how to personalise the ending ie With love from Jane,  From all the gang etc  (including any kisses x!)


We are also providing a service to post directly to your loved one during this difficult time (while ever the Post offices are still open) should you require it. It is important that we ‘Stay home and stay safe’ therefore if you’d like us to post your ‘tea on me’ gift direct to a loved one or you require an additional Tea Sachet or need help with personalisation of your order then please scroll down for our ‘Tea on Me’ guide to ordering and FAQ section.


We have 3 sayings to choose from for our ‘Tea on Me’ gift, please pick from the following wording:


Option 1)  ” I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and as soon as we can, we’ll go out for a brew.”


Option 2)  “I’m missing our catch ups and trips out for tea. So until next time I see you, here’s a hot brew on me!”


Option 3)  “As we can’t have a hug like we usually do, I’m sending my love in the form of a brew!”


Please note that we can where possible (on option 1 or 3) adjust the wording from singular to plural  ie if you are sending it from a few of you or you wish to send to a couple ie Mum and Dad or a family. And just to let you know that for every purchase of a ‘tea on me’ gift we will currently be donating 30p to be divided between the following charities: The Samaritans, Age UK and the Trussell Trust. These are difficult times for many so thank you for your support.


‘Tea on Me’ Guide to Ordering and FAQ’s:


To order ‘Tea on Me’ gifts direct to your address simply order the number required, add any additional tea sachets if required  and any personalisation in the notes and simply check out as normal.


How to order ‘Tea on Me’ gifts to be delivered to various addresses:

If you wish to place a ‘tea on me’ gift to go direct to a friend/loved one and require more than one ‘tea on me’ gift, we ask that you place individual orders. E.g.  if you require TWO separate orders to two different addresses then please add the first one to your basket, provide personalisation details (ie to/from etc) in the note section and put the recipients address in the delivery section, make payment to complete your order. Then begin again and complete a new order for the next person you want to send one to. This will enable our delivery and postage system to calculate the right information/pricing for each person.


I want to send 3 or more ‘Tea on Me’ gifts (to be delivered to different addresses):

Please feel free to use the method above ie complete a separate order for each but to save you time and trouble (if you have several) if you prefer, then please feel free to just add everything you need to your basket (including anything else on our site that you require), mark delivery to your own address and either provide the personalisation and addresses for the recipients in the notes section of the checkout or alternatively you can call us 01226 492770 or email us [email protected] with those details instead.

Our online site will charge you our standard postage but this will not be sufficient to pay for postage of any orders of 3 or more ‘tea on me’ gifts that are being sent to various addresses and therefore once we receive your order we will assess it, recalculate any additional postage due by you and will ask for that to be paid by you before completion of your order and items sent to your chosen recipients addresses.


Want to add additional Tea Sachets to your order?

This is absolutely no problem. We have several choices and they cost 50p each. You can add these to your order by clicking here , simply pick the number of  additional tea bags you require. Please be sure to state in the notes who these are for if your order is for more than one person.  And if you prefer to complete your whole order by phone then simply add your additional tea sachets then.


Can I choose my own Tea Sachet Blend?

We use either Earl Grey or English Breakfast as standard in our orders and if you have a preference then please feel free to pop it on the notes or let us know and whilst we cannot guarantee it (as it is stock dependant, particularly at this time), we will wherever possible, do our best to accommodate this. We also often stock Scottish Breakfast tea and several caffiene free blends too ie Organic Chamomile, Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea, Sweet Rhubarb, Green Tea with Jasmine. So please do write in the notes if you would prefer one of these instead and if it’s available we will happily substitute our usual blend for one that better suits you/your loved one.


Can I make changes to the rhymes too?

If you feel our rhymes don’t quite suit your needs then please get in touch with us before placing your order and if we can sort for you we will. We also can adjust our own option 1 and 3 above to offer a plural for sending to couples ie Mum and Dad etc. Please just let us know your requirements and we’ll always try to accommodate it where we can.


Other important info:

We do try to use the make of tea etc as shown (Taylors of Harrogate) and the blends as listed but this can vary due to stock levels from our suppliers (particularly at this time) but note we always use quality brands and individually wrapped products as standard. Please also note the little teapot keepsakes are silver in colour,  made of a metal mix and make a pretty little keepsake!


Refund Policy:  We are unable to offer refunds on our food or personalised items


Copyright:  Our ‘tea on me’ gifts are subject to copyright, we ask that you respect this and in no way copy or reproduce our work .

Choose from

Option 1 – Thinking of you, Option 2 – Missing our catch ups, Option 3 – As we can't have a hug