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Lemon Meringue – Luxury Tissue Paper Pack


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Our Lemon meringue tissue paper pack is so sweet (but without the calories thank goodness!)  Perfect for a variety of Spring/Summer craft or wrapping projects. Team up with spotty cello, pretty ribbon and foliage to create a stunning look.


Each pack contains 6 sheets of quality paper (3 x yellow & 3 x white) to use together or separately for all your wrapping or crafting projects.  A delight to work with, our tissue is unique as we hand fold it into a larger surface area so that when you come to use it, it has far fewer creases than the average tissue paper pack, no more unfolding those small tissue paper packs only to find it full of creases and not at all presentable for your wrapping projects!


Approx tissue paper size: (unfolded) 50 x 76 cm