Spring Gift Wrapping that’s not just Pretty, it’s Sustainable too!

Long gone are the days where brown paper is seen as the most eco-friendly wrap on the market.

For sure, if you’re looking to be more green when it comes to wrapping there are so many more papers or materials that are greener and better for the environment.

So in this months blog we thought we’d introduce you to one of our favourite sustainable wrapping materials – fabric!

Again, not all fabrics are as eco friendly as each other but certainly, using something that can be kept and resused is most definitely a greener way to wrap than something that may be thrown away or sent to the recycling bin.

And there’s no need to compromise on looks either, the rules are just the same, if you put together the right colours, design and decor the results will be fabulous!

Just like wrapping with paper there are many techniques you can use to wrap your item and it will depend on the size of the material you’re using and the size or shape of item you’re wrapping but regardless just give it a go and make it up as you go along and you won’t go far wrong!

For this wrap we have a boxed shape and are using a pretty tea towel, piece of ribbon and a little hand made fabric decorative touch. So in effect, every last bit of it can be kept or used again by the recipient.

Step 1) Firstly take your piece of material (in this case a tea towel but it could be a headscarf, napkin or scrap you’ve hemmed yourself), lay it out landscape and pop your item in the centre. Then fold over the back piece towards you.

Step 2) Fold the front piece over to meet the back piece so they connect in the centre covering the item.

Step 3) Without moving the item out of the centre, gently tuck in, lift and pull over the material at one side towards the middle on the top of the item.

Step 4) Do the same on the opposite side, bringing both pieces together in the middle so that you can tie them with a piece of ribbon, string or if you struggle with your hands or tying a bow then you could use a hair bobble instead!

Attach any tag or decoration you wish by either tying it on or by using a safety pin (if it’s safe to do so ie not on a childs gift) and voila!

Tea Towels, ribbon, decorative touches and other wrapping items can be found in our online store while stocks last.

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  • Mrs Jill English

    10/03/2023 at 9:10 am Reply

    Thanks Jo. Brilliant idea again!!

    • moreprettythings

      10/03/2023 at 6:19 pm Reply

      Thanks Jill, I’m so glad you like it and thanks for the feedback it’s always lovely to know. Best regards, Jo

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