Christmas Gift Wrapping in a hurry!

Time running out and feeling overwhelmed with the amount of festive wrapping you have to do? No worries, here’s our no nonsense guide to getting it done no matter how many presents you need to wrap!

1) First make sure you’ve everything to hand, scissors, tape, wrap, tags etc

2) Allocate a reasonable amount of space to get the job done. Utilise sofas, a bed or place a sheet on the floor then spread everything out on it so you can see all your gifts and are not spending time searching through bags every few minutes to find things.

3) Write all your tags in one go…yep you’ll be surprised how much time you save doing it in this order!

4) Lay any boxes, gift bags, tags and decorative touches next to the relevant gifts including any gift receipts you may wish to pop in.

5) If you know you’ve several items that you need to make a home made bag/package ie envelope wrap then make those up and lay those next to the items just as you have with the shop bought bags or pillow envelopes etc.

6) When everything is laid out and as organised as you can make it, start with the easy ones first that you’ve already allocated either shop bought or homemade packaging for, place them in the packaging and attach the tag/decorative touches and move on to the next.

7) Once the easier bits are out the way it should leave you feeling like you’ve much less to do and way less overwhelmed so it’s now time to wrap anything that needs actual gift wrapping.

8) Again be very methodical and wrap an item, put the tag on it (temporarily or permanently depending on what you plan to do next) set aside and move on to wrapping the next one.

9) Once you’ve got a line of wrapped items then that’s the time to decorate each one with ribbon or whatever you have chosen as a decorative touch to add on.

And there you have it!

Whilst it may be idyllic to watch a festive film, make a batch of mulled wine and spend hours wrapping, sometimes that’s just not possible and when it’s not, then the above method will ensure your wrapping still looks amazing and still arrives in the (Saint) nick of time!!

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