Creative and simple ways to use your home grown lavender this Summer!

It’s widely known for being a natural antiseptic, it has insect repelling properties, you can cook with it, bathe in it and it is even said that traces of it were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun!

Yes, Lavender has long been a favourite with young and old alike (goodness knows where the beauty industry would be without it) and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to walk through a lavender field full of this beautiful sweet smelling perennial herb, you’ll know for sure what a sensory delight it really is!

It’s also easy to grow, with many varieties to choose from so definitely worth planting, especially if like me, you enjoy seeing it grow organically year on year in the garden, attracting countless pollinators and all with the additional advantage of then being able to pick it and use it your crafting projects!

If you want to grow some but not sure where to start try the RHS Lavender growing guide here.

Of course whether it’s home grown sprigs or shop bought edible flowers, there’s endless ways to use it. Here’s some suggestions but if you have any more then please don’t be shy and feel free to add your suggestions below in the comments!

Pretty Table Settings

If you thought pretty table arrangements were reserved for Weddings and Christmas then think again. This easy to do place setting is quick and cost effective but will overjoy any friends and family invited for a Summer feast! What you’ll need: Sprigs of lavender (fresh or dried), ribbon, gift tag and pen (or order personalised calligraphy tags to suit)

Delicious Sweet Treats

From macarons to biscuits and cakes, Lavender is so in vogue right now and why not! I’ve sampled countless versions from artisan makers (would be rude not to) and they’re delicious although I’ve not tried my hand at making my own yet using my own home grown lavender.

So my suggestion is to do your homework and research first as to which varieties and what quantities are suitable for culinary use or you can simply buy edible lavender from the supermarket so I’m told!

Here’s a recipe from BBC Food that it is on my list to try this summer… If you have a go before me though then do let me know how it turns out!

Stylish Gift Wrapping

Adding fresh flowers or foliage to wrappings is a great way to add a touch of luxury. Lavender sprigs not only look beautiful but smell fabulous too and because lavender looks just as lovely fresh as it does dried, there’s the added advantage that the look will still look wonderful several days on even if it arrives with the recipient later than you anticipated!

Luxury Lavender Bags

Lavender is well known for its insect repelling properties, so why not make your own lavender bags to pop in a linen drawer? Simply dry out your lavender by leaving it in a warm dry place then add into a simple paper bag or premade linen bag before nestling under a pile of sheets in your linen drawer!

Alternatively this gorgeous handmade hanging wardrobe / armoire padded (pictured above) makes a lovely gift and contains certified organic lavender from Provence as well as natural wool so it’ll not only smell delightful and add a dash of vintage charm to the home, it’s the perfect natural combo to repel moths and dust mites too! It’s available to purchase here while stocks last!

It’s good to share….If you have any ideas on what else you can do with Lavender then don’t forget to leave a comment below for others to see and please feel free to share this article to your social media or with a friend if you’ve found it inspiring or useful. Thanks!

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