Gift Wrapping Idea – Magazine Pamper Roll

It can be just so hard to come up with ideas for birthdays and occasions so we thought we’d share with you one of our own personal favourites.

This months clever ‘how to’ is just the simplest to do, doesn’t cost a lot of money (unless you want it to) but is absolutely loved by everyone I’ve ever sent it to as a gift or taught how to do it.

It’s so versatile too, working for a variety of occasions so whether you’re looking for a pamper treat for a friends birthday, a ‘put your feet up’ gift for Mothers/Fathers day or you’re simply after cheering someone up who’s a little down in the mouth or recovering from illness this ones just perfect.

Who doesn’t appreciate a gift that not only looks amazing but encourages them to put their feet up and do nothing for half an hour . Oh yes please!

And here it is…A perfectly pretty Magazine Pamper Roll. The main ingredient being a magazine but then after that you can decide what else to add to suit the person you’re sending it to.

We’ve included a tipple and something to nibble on in ours but there are so many options…Need something for a Niece/Nephew? How about a beauty mag with a lip gloss and face mask or what about a car magazine with a motoring gift card (Halfords or RAC perhaps).

Materials you’ll need: 1 Piece of Tissue Paper, a small left over strip of gift paper, string, ribbon, double sided tape, scissors and of course whatever you wish to add inside. We’re wrapping a ‘Women and Home’ magazine (June 19 edition), a can of ‘Greenalls’ Gin with pink grapefruit and some ‘Godiva’ Dark Chocolates.

Firstly – Roll up your magazine, adding in anything bulky to the middle of it. Once rolled up, tie tightly with string or curling ribbon and add in any other bits you’d like to in the ends…ie chocolates.

Next, fold one piece of tissue in half and roll it around the magazine, tucking the ends into the void. No tape needed! (We’ve used pink tissue from our ‘Spring bouquet’ pack available from our online store)

Finally, take a left over piece of gift wrap and secure around the middle, taping neatly at the back with double sided tape. (We’ve used a small piece of pretty ‘proserpine’ gift wrap available online)

And that’s it! OOh isn’t that just so easy.

Need inspiration for Fathers Day? How about making one up to tie in with Dads locality, like this ‘Yorkshire Born and Bred’ one? This roll includes a Yorkshire Life magazine, some Yorkshire mixture and some Brass Castle Brewery Porter with a Hyggy Figgy Design by Yorkshire designer Julie Dodsworth.

Enjoyed this ‘how to’ blog? Our ideas are free to use and share for your personal use but we just ask that if you do post on social media that you simply tag us in @moreprettythingsgiftwrapping so that others can find us too!

And if you need any wrapping materials you can find them in our store.

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