How to create a neat fishtail on your ribbon bow

So many times we’re asked how we make our wrapping looks so neat.

Well the honest answer is that it’s often a combination of little things that create the perfect look.

One of these is ensuring your ribbon ends are neat.

Often they can be frayed so just need neatening up with a quick snip of the scissors but how you cut the end will make quite a bit of difference to the look!

A diagonal cut is often a ‘go to’ in corporate / retail wrapping as it’s quick and easy to do but if you’re after a more traditional ‘fishtail’ cut instead then it can be just as easy with our one snip, top tip!

If you’ve ever tried to cut a fishtail by snipping one way across the ribbon, then the other to create the ‘v’, you’ll know that this often ends up with it being uneven and if you are determined to get it perfect this tends to mean having another go and another and before you know it…There’s hardly any ribbon left! (Sound familiar?)

If this is you, here’s what to do…

Simply take your ribbon and fold it in half – edge to edge (we’ve used a striped ribbon so you can clearly see where we’ve folded it but this works with any design).

Then once folded, you simply need to hold the ribbon firmly in two places with one hand. (ie two fingers at one side and a finger and thumb at the other.

Then (with a sharp pair of scissors in the other hand) cut from the middle (of the fold) out towards the untidy end of the ribbon as per the image below (taking care to not cut your fingers in the process).

So with just one cut you will have the perfect fishtail end!

Easy once you know how isn’t it? Yes just one cut and you’re done!

Obviously some ribbon materials cut neater or easier than others regardless of what cut you decide on.

Something like a velvet ribbon isn’t the easiest but a cotton ribbon is a dream. Satin ribbon is more slippery so needs to be held quite firmly when cutting etc. It’s all about trial and error but now you know how easy it can be then have a go and don’t forget to tag us in if you show it off on your social!

Join us next month for out quick tip on how to create a pretty ribbon curl with wired ribbon!

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