How to Guide – Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Materials

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it can also be a wasteful one too, so if you’re after some Eco Friendly alternatives here’s our quick guide!

Thought your kraft wrapping paper was the most eco friendly? Then think again!  If it’s been recycled likelihood is it’s been through an extensive chemical process, used up gallons of water, electricity and, if its come from china or the likes, that’s some serious carbon footprint right there if you live here in the UK!

So how do you choose festive wrappings that you’ll be proud to show off under the tree but that won’t cost the earth.

You can look to wrapping with reusable materials such as fabric but what if you want to stick to traditional wrapping materials such as paper and the likes? Here’s some things to look out for!

 1)  If you’re buying wrapping paper, look for those that are made from sustainably sourced recycled pulps and that are compostable/biodegradable.  For coloured papers look for those made with plant based dyes. Alternatively opt for a paper not made from wood pulp such as grass or sugar cane paper.

Our favourite eco choice: Winter Woodland Grass Wrap. (Pictured above). This pretty & innovative gift wrap is made from grass, used absolutely no chemicals to make it and is 100% compostable/recyclable.  Compared with gift wrap paper made with wood pulp, it has a 75% CO2 reduction, no chemicals, 99% water reduction and 97% energy reduction.  To find out more click here.

2) When it comes to sticking down your gift wrap in an eco friendly way then there’s only one way to go…Paper Tape! It’s plastic free so fully recyclable but as not all paper tapes are the same, do check out its credentials before you buy, including the location of its manufacture and that its made from:

  • Natural Plant Based Adhesive
  • Vegan Ink
  • Kraft Paper from FSC Sources

To view all our Festive Paper Tape designs click here.

3) Ribbon has always been seen as Eco Friendly simply because it can be reused but often it can be thrown away by the recipient so by picking something recyclable over something that’s not ie shiny poly ribbon (often called curling ribbon or florists ribbon) you’re already on a winner no matter what happens to it once its left your hands!

Look out for a ribbon that’s produced from renewable raw materials and biodegradable like this wide cotton ribbon, (above). Not only does is it a good eco choice, it looks amazing, is lovely to work with and is available in a wide variety of colours perfect all year through.

Happy Eco Friendly Festive Wrapping!

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