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Perfectly Imperfect Autumn & Winter Tissue Paper Pack


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When you’re wrapping with tissue we get that you’d like it to be crease free however …if you’re using it to scrunch up into a gift bag or box, shred for hampers or to use in packaging then why buy perfect tissue when you can get your hands on our perfectly imperfect tissue paper!


Our pack of 12 perfectly imperfect tissue paper sheets are perfectly useable and our usual luxury sheet that is far more luxurious than the average tissue paper sheet on the high street but will have some flaws. Some may have a ragged edge or a tear or a bit of creasing or be crinkled or (more rarely) may have some colour distortion/fading on parts of the sheet.  We have super high standards when it comes to quality control so basically if it has any flaw and doesn’t make the grade for our luxury tissue packs for any reason no matter how small or if it has been used by us in a demonstration or workshop or in a promotional video and got a bit tatty or crinkled etc then we term that as ‘perfectly imperfect’ and you get a bargain!


We can’t specify exactly what colours you’ll receive in each pack but it will be themed for Autumn/Winter pack so could be red, purple, burgundy or may have some occasional metallics such as gold or silver and also may have have the occasional festive or other design patterned sheet too.


Each sheet will be approx 70 x 50 cm and folded into approx A4 size for posting.  Order more than one and we’ll try to ensure you get a good mix of colours!

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