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Ribbon Ends Assortment – Choose from Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter


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Hooray, our ribbon ends assortment bags are back in stock!  Perfect for all kinds of wrapping and crafting projects, each bag is filled with a variety of beautiful ribbon pieces that vary from just a few centimetres to up to a metre in length but if put together (length to length of ribbon), the entire bag would make up a minimum of 10 metres of ribbon, making this a very cost effective bag of ribbon at less than 30p a metre!


Plus when you buy our ribbon ends bag, not only will you get a lovely surprise variety of ribbon colours, designs, materials and lengths to get creative with but you’ll also be supporting charity too as we donate 50p from every bag sold to ‘MIND’ (A charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem).


Please note that no two bags are the same and colours, designs etc will vary from the pictures here but they will be either Spring/Summer or Autumn/winter colours and designs (depending on what you pick) and they’ll always be a nice mix of lengths, colours etc.



Choose from

Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter