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Pure White Kraft Gift Wrapping Paper Roll


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A lovely crisp white that can be used right throughout the year to ensure your gifts look fabulous.


It’s 60gsm and comes in a 5 metre roll which has been hand cut, rolled and packaged in tissue paper meaning there’s no card inner or cellophane to have to throw away!


This paper is fully recyclable and compostable. It’s also Vegan friendly, containing no animal products and has been sustainably sourced.


Our top tip: White paper can have some show through depending on what you may be wrapping underneath (ie strong designs, bright colours etc). We love this particular paper as its the perfect balance of looking and feeling great as well as wonderful to use too (it goes around box corners like a dream!). If we feel there may be any show through when wrapping a gift, we simply add a small extra layer of white paper or tissue around the item before wrapping.