A Gift Wrapping Life – A Trip Down Memory Lane…

This month we are 9 years old whoohoo! (where do the years go?).

Over the years we’ve met and worked with some fabulous people, visited some beautiful places and had such fun, so this month’s blog we’re taking a trip down memory lane, starting with …

When we began holding workshops we used to hold them at our home in the wrapping room, conservatory or around the kitchen table. It was such fun and everyone used to love coming to our home but as we grew there simply wasn’t enough room, so now we hold our Workshops at beautiful venues such as Wortley Hall, Sheffield, The Old Deanery, Ripon or Horsley Lodge in Derbyshire. All the venues cater for us with delicious lunch/cakes etc and they do the washing up too so really how could we say no?

The workshops really are such fun! We’ve loved teaching you all and the best thing? We know you’ve not only learned something new (that you can use for years to come) but had a great time too. It’s a shame we can’t feature you all on here but you know who you are and we thank you for choosing us to to teach you, we hope you’re still putting it all into practice (and using our magic double sided tape!) and that we’ll see you for another workshop soon.

We’ve given a lot of demonstrations in our time and spend quite a bit of time travelling around the UK but generally you can find me mostly in glorious Yorkshire or Derbyshire. I feel so privileged to have met so many fabulous groups and people and get so spoiled …Cups of tea, biscuits, help to carry my bags, even reserved parking sometimes! You lot really are just so wonderful and no matter how rainy it is, how far I’ve traveled or how tired I am when I find you my spirits are always high as you always make me feel so very welcome. Looking forward to returning this year to several groups we’ve met previously and of course seeing some of you at the workshops. Keep up the good work you lot! (I know just how hard working you all are to ensure those groups running for the good of the community.)

We’ve been thrilled to work with so many wonderful brands and businesses over the years. Sometimes that can be in the capacity of simply providing advice/consultancy services, or by teaching a retailer how to wrap so they can offer a gift wrapping service or by beautifully wrapping 100’s of ‘thank you’ gifts. Whatever it is or whoever it’s for (and no matter how long the days are!) we just love it and are always up for a challenge! I say this with a particular job in mind where I was hired to give a gift wrapping demonstration at Rudding Park. I and Professional Chef Stephanie Moon were sharing a stage set meaning that each time she had finished cooking there was little time for clearing up so most of it went on the floor! I had to stay quite still as surrounding my feet there were all kinds of ingredients…some with eyes and at one point I did wonder whether to give in and just wrap some! Never mind all that trip hazard stuff…You just have to keep calm and carry on, a motto I’ve learned to embrace!

Ooh yes and of course several times a year, I’m a ‘buyer’ too! An exciting job but actually much harder than you might imagine…Finding things that are gorgeous, not readily on the high street and that are made in the UK (where possible) can be pretty tricky! Then there’s my quality control (it’s so high) but I suspect that’s why you shop with us…I won’t ever buy in anything I wouldn’t have in my own home or be happy to give to a friend and that’s something you can always count on.

Now you don’t think I do it all myself do you? I absolutely can’t sail this ship alone, well not all the time anyway so I want to give a huge shout out to those who have helped me over the years …From my fab hubby who has had more hats than Mr Ben! IT consultant, chauffeur…You name it he’s rolled his sleeves up and done it. Then there are my fabulous friends, some of them I met actually out doing events in the early days and they’ve remained friends and been absolutely amazing, helping when I’ve needed them (or not and they come along for the ride and a catch up anyway) and always always on hand for anything we do that is charitable. Talking of which…

It has been a pleasure to work with so many charities over the years and do some of our own fundraising projects too. From the Salvation Army to Cancer Research there’s so many great causes out there and we continue to do something each year when we can. Last year we decided to combine craft with charity and put on a ‘crafternoon’ (well a day really) at our home to raise funds for the mental health charity ‘mind’. It was such a great day and raised just over £300. We’re already plotting another (larger version) and some other things too involving crafts so do watch this space!

So there you have it… A bit of a trip down memory lane. It’s been such fun remembering, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of what we get up to and sorry if you’ve not been pictured or mentioned by name, you’re here in our memory banks you really are!

I thought to complete our trip down memory lane it might be nice to end with a photo of some Gift Wrapping (well it’d be rude not to!) but also I want to pay a little tribute to two wonderful, charitable and extremely brave ladies that I had the pleasure of meeting as customers and becoming friends. Our paths may never have crossed if not for More Pretty Things so I feel oh so lucky that I got to spend time and make memories with them if only for a short time before they were sadly taken away from their families and friends way too early in life.

They are both sadly missed and in my heart and memories, their pictures sit on my notice board inspiring and reminding me everyday that life is short and we must make wonderful memories while we can. Here’s to them and to all who’ve supported this little Yorkshire business and helped us make such glorious memories over the past 9 years.

With thanks and love, Jo x

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