No hassle Decorative Tassel!

Love a tassel?  I should say so!

In this months blog we’ll be showing you how to make this super easy decorative embellishment, perfect for sprucing up a variety of objects, including a wrapped gift of course!

They can be made out of all kinds of materials from wool to string or even paper (to make a nice hanging party decoration) so go take a look at what you’ve got handy and give it a go!

Cuppa and scissors at the ready, enjoy!

Step 1

Decide on the materials you’d like to use. We’re using a cotton blend wool but you could use string or even paper. Then take a piece of card (the size you’d like your tassel to be or simply use your fingers instead) and wrap your chosen material around it several times to your preferred thickness.

Step 2

Then remove the wool from the card (or from around your fingers), take a good sized piece of your wool (or other materials as chosen) and thread it through and make a double knot to secure it.

Step 3

Then take some more wool (or other materials as chosen) and wrap it around about 1cm from the top, again, secure with a double knot.

Step 4

Cut the wool (or other materials chosen) at the opposite end to the ‘bobble’ to the required length. And Hey Presto!

Attach to a wrapped gift or how about making it into a bookmark? You can even add a bead if you have one. Ooh love it!

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