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End of line Gift Wrap Clearance Sale



Here you’ll find a range of beautiful best sellers and favourite gift wrap sheets at bargain prices simply because they are ‘end of line’, small quantities and when they’re gone they’re gone so stock up on your favourites now!!


All our end of line wrap sheets were originally priced between £1.75 to £2.50 per sheet depending on the design. Their ‘end of line’ prices now start from just 50p and you can find them all listed in the drop down box and a snap shot of the designs shown on the images.


Roses/garden ditsy comes as a double sided sheet and the ‘cut out’ wrap each comes with a cut out gift tag as shown.


Each wrap in the drop down box comes as one folded gift wrap sheet (approx A4 when folded) which will open out into  50 x 70 cm size once unfolded (except for ‘flower girl’ which is a slightly smaller design.)


Please note:  Sometimes we are able to roll ‘end of line’ or ‘sale’ wrap so that it has no creases but this will depend on the design and amount of gift wrap sheets chosen, other items purchased at the time of order and postage paid.  If we can roll it we will but please assume it will come flat and if it arrives rolled that’s surely a bonus!!

Choose from

1 Flower Girl, 2 Wedding Words, 3 Blush & Gold Spot, 4 Honey Bee, 5 Proserpine Peony, 6 Bold Roses & Garden Ditsy (reds & lilacs), 7 Fuseball, 8 Cupcakes, 9 Beach, 10 Ocean Waves, 11 Colin Cut Out, 12 Black Polka Dot on Ivory, 13 Spring Hares, 14 Rabbit Cut Out, 15 Autumn Leaves, 16 London at Christmastime, 17 Winter Hawthorne, 18 Festive Penguin Cut Out